Who am I?

_MG_3734Well, that’s a good question! Who am I?!

Long story short…

A guy who like to learn everything and try almost! everything… reading, symbolism and occult wisdom, playing basketball, swimming, writing books, video games, travelling a lot, photography, meta physic topics, web design, marketing, politics, psychology and so on… BTW, sometimes people asking what is my real!! name.. here is an explanation for them: My official name is Mohammad Farahmand but if you call me “Hey Mohammad” from behind,  I won’t turn back to see who is calling me! You know why? because from the day I was born, my family named me Shahrooz and that’s my real name that I am living with… It consists of two parts: Shah=King and Rooz=Day, thus: the meaning of my name is “King of the Day”. So, you too better call me Shahrooz … my name is Shahrooz Farahmand… do you wanna know more about me?! Social networks made it easy for us 🙂

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